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Tutor: Sando Machera

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Sando Machera

1) IGCSE Physical Education: Aims 

The aims are to enable students to develop:

    • develop their knowledge and understanding of the theory underpinning physical performance in a modern world
    • use and apply this knowledge and understanding to improve their performance
    • perform in a range of physical activities, developing skills and techniques, and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas
    • understand and appreciate safe practice in physical activity and sport
    • understand and appreciate the benefit of physical activity and sport for health, fitness and well-being
    • gain a sound basis for further study in the field of Physical Education

2) Syllabus Outline: 

1 Anatomy and physiology 
2 Health, fitness and training
3 Skill acquisition and psychology
4 Social, cultural and ethical influences

3) Assessment Outline: 

All candidates take: 

    • Paper 1: Theory (105 minutes)
    • Component 2: Coursework

For more information check out the: IGCSE Physical Education Guide

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