November 2022 Psychology SL | 15 Hour Exam Training


IB Psychology exam review for the Nov 2022 exams. Our tutors provide summarised notes and will practice past paper questions for Paper 1 with you.

Tutors: Lilla Zsedely-Holler & Clelia Isira Bellinzoni



With this 15 hour training, you will be prepared for your November 2022 Psychology SL Examinations. Clelia & Lilla will explain the important subjects and will answer all your questions. In addition, we will go over a lot of past exam questions. If purchased, you will receive an exam bundle at the beginning of your first lesson and the powerpoint at the end.


  • This training will be spilt in 5 x 3 hour Zoom sessions.
  • The final November 2022 IB Psychology examination for Paper 1 is in the afternoon session on 9 November.


  1. Psychological Research

1.1. The Scientific Method

1.2. Ethical Research

1.3. Research Methods

1.4. Research Quality

2 Biological Psychology

2.1. The brain and behaviour

2.2. Hormones and pheromones and behaviour

2.3. Genetics and behaviour

2.4. Past paper questions

3 Cognitive Psychology

3.1. Cognitive processes

3.2. Reliability of cognitive processes

3.3. Emotion and cognition

3.4. Past paper questions

4 Sociocultural psychology

4.1. The individual and the group

4.2. Cultural origins of behaviour and cognition

4.3. Cultural influences on individual attributes, identity and behaviour

4.4. Past paper questions

5 Possible option topics

5.1. Abnormal psychology

5.2. Developmental psychology

5.3. Health psychology

5.4. Psychology of human relationships


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