November 2022 Mathematics Analysis & Approaches SL | 15 Hour Exam Training

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IB Mathematics exam review for Nov 2022 exams. Our tutors provide summarised notes and will practice past paper questions for Paper 1 and Paper 2 with you.

Tutor: Clelia Isira Bellinzoni



With this 15 hour training, you will be prepared for your November 2022 Analysis & Approaches SL Examinations. Clelia will explain the important subjects and will answer all your questions. In addition, we will go over a lot of past exam questions. If purchased, you will receive an exam bundle at the beginning of your first lesson and the powerpoint at the end.


  • This training will be spilt in 5 x 3 hour Zoom sessions.

  • The final November 2022 IB Mathematics Analysis & Approaches examinations for Paper 1 and Paper 2 are in the afternoon session of 31 October and morning session of 1 November.


  1. Numbers and Algebra

    1.1. Number representation, proof, and binomial theorem
    1.2. Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series

    1.3. Exponentials and logarithms
    1.4. Complex numbers
    1.5. Past paper questions

  2. Functions

    2.1. Straight lines
    2.2. Concept of function
    2.3. Quadratic, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions
    2.4. Transforming a graph
    2.5. Past paper questions

  3. Geometry and Trigonometry

    3.1. Volume and surface area of solids & right angle trigonometry
    3.2. Trigonometry ratios
    3.3. Trigonometry identities and equations

    3.4. Trigonometry functions

    3.5. Past paper questions

  4. Statistics and Probability

    4.1. Descriptive statistics
    4.2. Correlation and regression
    4.3. Probability

    4.4. Past paper questions

  5. Calculus

    5.1. Differentiation
    5.2. Integration
    5.3. Kinematics
    5.4. Past paper questions


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