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Sando Machera, Ella Drummond

1) IGCSE Literature in English: Content Overview 

The syllabus enables learners to read, interpret and evaluate texts through the study of literature in English. Learners develop an understanding of literal meaning, relevant contexts and of the deeper themes or attitudes that may be expressed. Through their studies, they learn to recognise and appreciate the ways in which writers use English to achieve a range of effects, and will be able to present an informed, personal response to the material they have studied. The syllabus also encourages the exploration of wider and universal issues, promoting learners’ better understanding of themselves and of the world around them.

Literature in English Aims:

The aims describe the purposes of a course based on this syllabus. The aims are to enable students to:

  1. Enjoy the experience of reading literature.
  2. Understand and respond to literary texts in different forms and from different periods and cultures.
  3. Communicate an informed personal response appropriately and effectively.
  4. Appreciate different ways in which writers achieve their effects.
  5. Experience literature’s contribution to aesthetic, imaginative and intellectual growth.
  6. Explore the contribution of literature to an understanding of areas of human concern.

2) Syllabus Outline: 

Paper 1 – Section A: Poetry 

Candidates answer on one set text in Section A (Poetry). From Songs of Ourselves Volume 1, Part 1/2/3, the following 15 poems:

    • Maya Angelou, ‘Caged Bird’ Elizabeth Barret Browning, ‘
    • Sonnet 43’ Sujata Bhatt, ‘
    • Muliebrity’ Boey Kim Cheng,
    • ‘The Planners’ Isobel Dixon,
    • ‘Plenty’ Rosemary Dobson,
    • ‘The Three Fates’ Robert Hayden,
    • ‘Those Winter Sundays’ Seamus Heaney,
    • ‘Mid-Term Break’ Mervyn Morris,
    • ‘Little Boy Crying’ Norman Nicholson,
    • ‘Rising Five’ Adrienne Rich,
    • ‘Amends’ Edna St. Vincent Millay,
    • ‘Sonnet 29’ Dennis Scott,
    • ‘Marrysong’ Stevie Smith,
    • ‘Not Waving But Drowning’ William Wordsworth,
    • ‘She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways’
    • Robert Browning, ‘Love in a Life’ Lauris Edmond,
    • ‘Waterfall’ A R D Fairburn, ‘Rhyme of the Dead Self’ James Joyce,
    • ‘I Hear an Army’ Philip Bourke Marston,
    • ‘After’ Charlotte Mew,
    • ‘Rooms’ Mary Monck (‘Marinda’),
    • ‘Verses Written on Her Death-bed at Bath to Her Husband in London’ Alexander Pope,
    • ‘From An Essay on Criticism’ Percy Bysshe Shelley,
    • ‘Stanzas Written in Dejection, Near Naples’ Algernon Charles Swinburne, ‘A Leave-Taking’ Elizabeth Thomas (‘Corinna’),
    • ‘The Forsaken Wife’ Derek Walcott,
    • ‘Nearing Forty’ Henry Wotton,
    • ‘The Character of a Happy Life’ Sir Thomas Wyatt,
    • ‘I Find No Peace’ Elinor Morton Wylie,
    • ‘Now Let No Charitable Hope’

Paper 1 – Section B: Prose 

Candidates answer on one set text in Section B (Prose).

    • Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche Purple Hibiscus
    • Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre
    • Zora Neale Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God
    • Henry James Washington Square
    • Jhumpa Lahiri The Namesake
    • Yann Martel Life of Pi
    • George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four

Paper 2 – Drama 

Candidates must answer on two different set texts from the following:

    • Lynn Nottage Crumbs from the Table of Joy
    • Arthur Miller The Crucible
    • R C Sherriff Journey’s End
    • William Shakespeare Twelfth Night
    • William Shakespeare Othello

Paper 3 – Drama (Open Text) 

Candidates must answer on one set text from the following:

    • Lynn Nottage Crumbs from the Table of Joy
    • Arthur Miller The Crucible
    • R C Sherriff Journey’s End
    • William Shakespeare Twelfth Night
    • William Shakespeare Othello

3) Assessment Outline: 

All candidates take: 

    • Paper 1: Poetry and Prose (90 minutes)
    • Paper 2: Drama (90 minutes)

Candidates can choose between: 

    • Paper 3: Drama – Open Text (45 minutes)
    • Paper 4: Unseen (75 minutes)
    • Coursework: Two assignments on different texts.

For more information check out the: IGCSE Literature in English Guide

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