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Tutor: Sando Machera, Ella Drummond

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Sando Machera, Ella Drummond

1) IGCSE English First Language English: Content Overview 

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English offers candidates the opportunity to respond with understanding to a rich array of reading texts during the course as a whole. Candidates will use these texts to inform and inspire their own writing, and write in a range of text types for different purposes and audiences. Candidates will develop both their speaking and their listening skills, delivering a presentation, and responding to questions and engaging in conversations. Candidates are encouraged to become appreciative and critical readers, writers, speakers and listeners.

English First Language Aims:

The aims describe the purposes of a course based on this syllabus. The aims are to enable students to:

    1. read a wide range of texts, fluently and with good understanding, enjoying and appreciating a variety of language
    2. read critically, and use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their own writing
    3. write accurately and effectively, using Standard English appropriately
    4. work with information and with ideas in language by developing skills of evaluation, analysis, use and inference
    5. listen to, understand, and use spoken language effectively
    6. acquire and apply a wide vocabulary, alongside a knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology and linguistic conventions.

2) Syllabus Outline: 

The skills covered in the syllabus are outlined below:
    • Reading
      • Demonstrate understanding of written texts, and of the words and phrases within them
      • Summarise and use material for a specific context
      • Develop, analyse and evaluate facts, ideas and opinions
      • Demonstrate understanding of how writers achieve their effects and influence readers
      • Select appropriate information for specific purposes
      • Recognise and respond to linguistic devices, figurative language and imagery.
    • Writing
      • Express what is thought, felt and imagined
      • Organise and convey facts, ideas and opinions effectively
      • Demonstrate a varied vocabulary appropriate to the context
      • Demonstrate an effective use of sentence structures
      • Demonstrate an understanding of audience, purpose and form
      • Demonstrate accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar.
    • Speaking and listening
      • Describe and reflect on experience, and express what is thought, felt and imagined
      • Organise and convey facts, ideas and opinions effectively
      • Understand and convey complex ideas
      • Communicate with clarity, focus and purpose
      • Communicate appropriately for the context
      • Engage appropriately in conversation.

3) Assessment Outline: 

All candidates take: 

    • Paper 1: Reading – Structured and extended writing questions (120 minutes)

Candidates choose between:

    • Paper 2: Directed writing and composition (120 minutes) or
    • Component 3: Coursework – Three extended writing assignments

For more information check out the: IGCSE English First Language Guide

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