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How it works:

1. Select your curriculum and subject.

Select whether you are interested in IB or IGCSE tutoring. Navigate through our subject offering by selecting the relevant subject group. Once you have found the right subject, click on it and choose how many hours you would like. Our discounts become more attractive, the more hours you purchase.

2. Choose a payment method.

We want the process to be smooth and simple. Therefore, once you have found the subject that suits you the best you can settle the payment easily with a variety of payment methods.

3. Check your email.

Once we have received your payment, we will contact you via email to confirm the purchase. This will further help us arrange the time, date, and content of your tutoring session.

4. Let’s get started!

Your tutor will prepare the session based on your request and you can start working towards your goals with the right tools and support.