Meet Our Team

This is our team of IB & IGCSE high-performing graduates. Having excelled in both curricula, many have followed their academic passions in some of Europe's best universities. Our tutors have been handpicked, undergoing a rigorous application and training process.

Michail Thunert

Esade | University of Amsterdam

38 Points

Teaches: IB Geography, IB Economics, IB German ab initio, IGCSE Economics, IGCSE Business Studies, IGCSE Geography, IGCSE German

“Michail’s commitment and hard work have clearly paid off. After achieving a Merit Award for IGCSE and securing 38 points in the IB program, Michail embarked on his academic journey in Amsterdam, studying for a BSc in Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics. His gap year was productively spent tutoring IB students and enhancing his knowledge through courses in Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, and Economics at Harvard Business School Online. Beyond his academic prowess, Michail is passionate about seeing his students excel and stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Currently, he is furthering his education at Esade, pursuing an MSc in International Management.”

Lilla Zsedely-Holler

University of Torino

37 Points

Teaches: IB Biology, IB Psychology

“Lilla has been described by her teachers as attentive, enthusiastic, and fully committed to her studies – qualities that helped her achieve 37 points in IB. Her hard work, and understanding of demanding concepts in scientific subjects allowed her take part in a work experience placement at Manchester Clinical Research Facility. Lilla is currently studying Medicine at the University of Torino. Her goal is to help students achieve the maximum they can, while making sure they focus on what is important, and do not get lost in useless details.”

Filippo Campione

Medical University of Bari

38 Points

Teaches: IB Biology

“Currently, Filippo is studying in the Medical University of Bari in Italy, an achievement that was no doubt a result of his fruitful studies following the IB program. He graduated in 2018 with 38 points and the Model IB student award. Filippo was the best known to be a critical thinker in class, tackling topics with enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. This quality can be seen in his tutoring classes, where he makes sure that his students approach topics from multiple points of view, therefore acquiring knowledge holistically.”

Elifnaz Özdemir

Bocconi University

41 Points

Teaches: IB Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches, IB Mathematics Applications & Interpretations, IB Economics, IB Chemistry, IB English B, IGCSE Mathematics

“Elifnaz is an enthusiastic and determined student at Bocconi University, studying Economics, Management, and Computer Science. Over her 3 years of tutoring Math and English, she developed interpersonal skills to adapt her teaching methods according to different learning styles and needs. Elifnaz has been described as engaging, approachable, and highly motivated. She seeks to not only help students achieve their academic goals but also assist them to be confident and excited to thrive in all the academic pursuits they want to undertake.“

Chiara Ferrari

Rome University of Fine Arts

34 Points

Teaches: IB Geography, IB Business, IB Italian B, IB Italian AB, IB English B

“Chiara’s determination gained her a First Class Honours Degree at Goldsmiths College in Media and Communications. She is currently attending a MA Film Arts course at Rome University of Fine Arts. Her goal in tutoring is to direct students towards a logical learning approach in order to avoid struggles with memorising. In learning languages she aims to infuse confidence in her students as she believes it is the best weapon against making mistakes and become a fluid speaker. She has experience in tutoring and and strives to help pupils achieve their academic goals and reach their ambitions.”

Ella Drummond

University of Aberdeen

34 Points

Teaches: IB Biology, IB English A Language & Literature, IGCSE Mathematics, IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE English Literature, IGCSE English Language

“Ella is currently pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science (Physiology) at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Her enthusiasm for learning is reflected in her distinction in IGCSEs in 2019 and the achievement of an IB Diploma in 2021, accompanied by the recognition of her school for being a Model IB student. She is a dedicated tutor with a focus on helping her students reach their full potential while encouraging them to remain balanced and well-rounded. She places an emphasis on organisation and collaborates with her students to create lesson plans that instil confidence in them.”

Sando Machera

University of Bari

36 Points

Teaches: IB English A Language & Literature, IB Biology, IB Global Politics, IB English B, IGCSE Geography, IGCSE Physical Education, IGCSE Business

“Sando is a resolute and focused student, qualities which have helped him achieve great results through IGCSE and The International Baccalaureate Program. After IB he pursued a degree in biology followed by one in Medicine–the course in which he is currently enrolled, studying at the University of Bari. Sando believes in a comprehensive approach to learning where academic outcome is tremendously affected by the identity of the student and how they intake and process information. His teaching method is an accommodating and dynamic one, adjusting to fit the specific needs of the student.”

Matilde Fameli

Erasmus University College

39 Points

Teaches: IB Mathematics Analysis & Approaches, IB Mathematics Applications & Interpretations

“Matilde is currently pursuing a dual degree combining Business and Fashion Design. The study in fields that require different approaches gave her the knowledge and ability to apply various study methods, giving her a broad range of capabilities.
Her determination and organisation while working helped her successfully complete the International Baccalaureate. She believes people should learn for themselves, trying to enjoy it as much as possible. She enjoys helping others, giving many tips and sharing experiences helpful for balancing school and other activities.”